Become a Sponsor

The Haida Gwaii Radio Society (HGRS) is a non-profit that brings together voices and artists of Haida Gwaii to learn about radio, and produces content for our communities and beyond. As a non-profit, we can only operate with the support of our communities, volunteers, and sponsors.

In 2017, with no funding, we brought listeners on Haida Gwaii coverage of the 2017 Clan Tournament, CoASt Victory Celebration, the Haida Gwaii Softball League, a Queen Charlotte by-election debate, coffee houses, Haida Gwaii Bird Day, Tom Swanky’s presentation of The Great Darkening, many evenings of great original programming from our dedicated volunteer hosts and so much more!

For 2018, we’re dedicated to keeping our operating costs low, covering only the basics of rent and Internet access. Our rent is partially subsidized at $200/mo, and our Internet is provided through GwaiiComm for $60/mo. For less then $4,000 a year, we can provide Haida Gwaii with unique, accessible media that truly represents the diversity of island life. All voices are welcome!

As the station continues to grow, our goal is raise $20,000 in order to hire a part-time station coordinator to help organize volunteers and maintain consistency in our programming!

One-time donations can be made directly at Northern Saving by making a deposit to our account. Other donations can be arranged by contacting us at

Recurring donations provide the constant income source we need to plan for the future. Please consider funding HGRS using our Patreon page!

Sustaining Sponsors

Corporate or individual sponsors with a yearly donation of $250-$1000 or a monthly Patreon sponsorship of $20-$75 provide HGRS with the critical funding which allow us to sustain the station and plan for the long term!