X̱aayda/X̱aad Kil – Haida Gwaii Mentor Apprentice Program Podcast

In this episode Haida language learners Iljuu Xiilaay Isabel Brillon and Oweé Jaad Serena Smith speak with fluent language teacher Dr. Jiixa Gladys Vandal.  With an introductory interview between Serena Smith and program host SGaan Kwahagang James McGuire.  Recorded in winter 2019.

Haawa to HGRS partners at the Haida Gwaii Mentor-Apprenticeship Program, HlGaagilda Xaayda Kil Naay Skidegate Haida Immersion Program, and Saahlinda Naay Haida Gwaii Museum.  It is an honour and a pleasure to work together to contribute to the revitalization of Xaayda kil.

Haawa to the Community Resilience Through Arts and Culture grant program for their financial support!

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